N. 17 Frantisek L.

Budějovice - Czech Republic

18 febbraio 2010

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Aggiornamento: 28.05.2021

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La Scheda

Nome* e cognome del proprietario     ( Name and family name of the owner ) Frantisek L.

Luogo di residenza: via, cittā, provincia*, nazione* ( Address: street, town, country ): Prague Czech Republic

Recapito telefonico ( Phone number ): -

Recapito mail*  ( Mail address ): flopot@seznam.cz

Tipologia vettura* ( Car model ): first series modified to second series

Anno di fabbricazione* ( Manufactured in the year):  1941 (The original documentation is missing)

N. di telaio* ( Chassis number ): 250-2798 Uncertain

N. di motore* ( Engine number ): 100-4882 (Replaced)

Colore carrozzeria / interni* ( Body color / Interior): unknown

Breve storia della vettura* ( Short history of the car) ):  The car was found in Ceske Budejovice. Based on information from las owner frantisek know about the history of this car only that the engine was bought first  (ariund 1999) from guy from Prague which bought in a village close to Ceske Budejovice a house where he found it. Next he discovered for which car the engine was and found this car with broken engine  in Sobeslav. He bought it in 2005 to complete it with the engine which he already had but he didn't. The reason  was the terrible state of the chassis and complications with renovation of the engine. So in 2008 frantisek bought it.
The car have undergone a hard accident probably because:
-the left front post is manually manufactured and is almost about 3 cm shorter than the right one.

Also the angle of this post is different, compared to the right one. The roof of the car is almost complete manually made.
-the damper on the front axle on the left side was totally destroyed.
-the complete rear axle was broken also and now it is welded from many quite small pieces
-the chassis was at least two times repaired by welding. It is well seen especially on the floor where the last repair was done over the previous one.
Because of long term impossibility to get original spare parts many components were replaced by equivalents from domestic production.

Commenti aggiuntivi*  ( Further notes ): At this time the engine is completed prepared to use. The body and chassis are now renovated.
The car have slightly modificated interior and exterior with regards to its longterm usage in the Czech Republic, where for the very long time the original spareparts were not at disposal. I would like to try to respect this fact during the renovation and will find an acceptable compromise with requirement on the originality of the car and the memory of ages.

* Solo le voci contrassegnate con un asterisco sono pubblicate. Chi desiderasse un oscuramento della targa č pregato di richiederlo.



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